Our planning process became much faster and the data quality improved dramatically

Project owner, Assortment Manager
Leading multinational retail chain in Hungary

With the help of real time dashboards, the Visual Designer and the auto marketing category allocation, the time I have to spend on filling out the system with ad tools, allocating and fine-tuning categories to match the target criteria went down from 3 months to 3 days.

mPlan automates the processes that used to require a lot of manual steps with a number of Excel files. Faster access to data and the ability to see a number of scenarios quickly results in a much more effective planning process."

The Visual Designer and Dashboards provided a great help to us

Assortment Manager

The Visual Designer and real time dashboards provided such a great help to us during our annual planning sessions. We did not have to just imagine where our tools would be placed in brochure - like in the past when we worked with Excels - because we could see them right in the Visual Designer and the dashboards showed us the actual ratio of marketing categories preventing fights between assortment managers about who deserves more tools and who should settle for less."

Planning and execution could be carried out by one manager

Marketing Director
20 years of experience in marketing with a major retailer

With the help of the current mPlan functions, and that our vast amount of supplier's proposal data could be attached to tools automatically, it conceivably could reduce the persons needed to carried out our marketing planning and execution activities to one marketing manager and 2-3 assistants."

Note: The company is one of the largest DIY retailer in Hungary with close to 100 marketing publications per year - annual turnover is approximately EUR 130 million.

mPlan could provide a huge advantage over the competition

Head of category management
20 years of experience in purchasing with a major retailer

mPlan can allow the retailer and the supplier to create the marketing planning far in advance, and provides a huge advantage for the retailer over the competition. With advance planning, suppliers can shape placements with more effective support of their market strategies and are more likely to devote a larger portion of their marketing budgets when approached earlier in the planning cycle."

It saves us a huge amount of time

Assortment Manager, mPlan user

As the proposal data gets automatically copied into the marketing tools, it saves us a huge amount of time and eliminates all sorts of mistakes and missed deadlines."

We can now focus on our core activities

Head of category management
20 years of experience in purchasing with a major retailer

mPlan replaces the "stone-age" manual methods that all retailers are using to manage the marketing processes. The mPlan system provides such a comprehensive solution that makes the planning and implementation related processes so much more effective that we can now focus on our core activities, i.e. perfecting the assortment, fine-tuning sales strategies and shop layouts etc."


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