Why mPlan

mPlan is a centralized multi-user trade promotion optimization system providing more accurate planning and monitoring of marketing activities.

It is used to gain clarity over the complex marketing planning process generating additional marketing and sales revenue and reducing planning and fulfillment costs.

By replacing manual methods of managing promotions, mPlan also allows retailer personnel's focus shift on core marketing activities.

Why optimize

Trade promotion is an extremely powerful tool that helps retailers and their partners winning larger market share by attracting consumers' attention and driving foot traffic to their stores.

Econometric analyses prove large differences in the effectiveness of promotional tools.

It becomes increasingly important to implement an optimization solution that helps sharpening promotion plans and building bigger baskets and profits, stimulate categories, and retain more of the targeted shopper segments.

Get faster more accurate planning and monitoring of marketing activities yielding lower costs and greater revenue generation.

Custom tailored system

The actual implementation of mPlan is designed around the retailer's current processes and directly supports its marketing strategies.

Quick rollout

mPlan improves the retailer's processes, but does not replace them so rollout and adoption is fast without the need of extensive user training.

Less duplication of data

mPlan can be connected to the retailer's other applications (i.e. ERP system, database, apps) reducing the need to enter the same data into multiple systems.

Greater transparency

Retailers have real time monitoring of supplier placements thus prevents regulatory penalties and supplier reimbursements and enables more fully capturing available supplier budgets.

Opportunities quickly identified

Excess placement inventory is quickly identified in time to generate additional revenue and to reach "Extra" marketing revenue targets.

Great flexibility

mPlan supports publications/marketing tools/rules structures to match rapidly changing business environments and regulatory rules.

Manual processes eliminated

Fulfillment reporting and reconciliation of planned vs. actual is automatically generated by the system.

Superior data handling

Bulk data upload and download through Excel is possible and data is validated when entered.

Intuitive multi-user system

The web based user interface is built using proven Microsoft technologies. User rights provide access to predefined views for top management, marketing, category managers, purchasing and in store management thus increasing cooperation between departments.

Revenue generation comes from:

  • Eliminating yearend supplier reimbursements – better tracking of suppliers' agreed annual budgets leading to full performance
  • Greater placement sales through selling empty slots – better identification of unsold placements earlier in campaign cycle and in fiscal year
  • Greater placement sales through selling more Extras – better identification of unsold placements and tracking of Extra's sales targets
  • More effective promotions – better alignment with the retailer's own marketing goals and with suppliers' marketing strategies result increased product sales
  • Capture greater supplier budgets – through more comprehensive marketing plans ahead of competition - grab a bigger chunk of suppliers' budgets

mPlan generates reoccurring revenue and reduces time to plan and implement promotions.

mPlan saves time, reduces risks:

  • mPlan reduces regulatory risks – accurate promotion content and system generated fulfillment documentation
  • Reduced time to plan and monitor campaigns and more effective communication of marketing plan details between departments
  • Reduced data entry steps, no duplication of data, and potential errors eliminated


The modular structure makes mPlan easy to customize and very flexible.

Available modules are:



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